Judgement Day

( [email protected] ) Apr 08, 2005 04:28 PM EDT

by Tommy Q

Death and destruction now covet the land

Satan has appeared who has taken a stand

Leaders are falling from both near and far

With many great losses from nuclear war

Crops are failing - famine is on rise

Satan is leading and telling more lies

All from the start he¡¦s been setting the stage

As panic grows widespread from evil and rage

Oceans that boil ¡V the earth is on fire

So many are dying from what Satan conspires

Quakes, winds, blizzards, and rains

So much is now gone with many lives claimed

Red turns the moon and black turns the sun

Rocks fall to earth with no where to run

Bodies lie rotting, all taken by plague

And those once with so much, today they all beg

Computers are crashing ¡V Wall Street is no more

Things will not be as they once were before

There will be no escape ¡V there is no where to hide

Causing numbers to rise from mass suicide

The dead have now risen, those Satan enlists

To continue a war where so little exists

But a star will appear for the birth of a child

Who will send the wicked and Satan back into exile

Such praise will be given his glorious birth

By those who remain ¡V the meek of the earth

He will teach us to love and remove all the hate

And the world will be humbled but have a fresh slate

All souls will be judged and none will be missed

The evil will perish but the good will find bliss

The faithful of earth will continue to stay

To bring glory and honor all in the Lord¡¦s way

All this that I write it has been foretold

It was so long ago upon pages of old

As a choir of Angels now sing a new song

We¡¦ll discover the Bible had been right all along