Operation Iraqi Freedom Does Not Hinder the Gospel

Mar 26, 2003 03:15 PM EST

Despite the war in Iraq, evangelists continue their missions and ministry in the Middle East. Evangelist Sammy Tippit urges prayer for the many Christians in the region, reasoning: "There is a strong Islamic radical movement that is growing. I think with the situation today, we need to pray for the Christians in those countries that they would be willing to move out, armed with the love of God and that many people would come to know Christ." According to Tippit, there are opportunities to share the Gospel because many have nominal Islamic faith. "They're like perhaps, many Americans, in the sense that they're a member of a particular religious group, but have no clue what their faith is all about. There's an emptiness-a hunger that's left in the hearts of the people, and only the love of Jesus Christ can fill that hunger." Tippit is traveling to the Muslim world next month. Pray that many will turn to Christ as a result.

By Pauline J.