Soaring Eagle Ministries Forming Partnership with Middle East

( [email protected] ) Jan 27, 2004 12:46 PM EST

Sevierville Tennessee -- The Mountain Press reported that Richard Everett, president of Soaring Eagle Ministries in Sevierville, visited Amman, Jordan, last week to look over the needs at Amman Baptist School and to also participate in the dedication of the National Evangelical Baptist Church in Baghdad.

"It was an incredible experience for me to be involved in," said Everett.. "There were over 650 people in attendance at the service. Other evangelical churches came to support what was taking place."

A few months ago, Everett's trip into Iraq would not have been possible, but "there's an openness there right now, and we are able to get in on the ground floor," he said.

"Our mission at the school is to do whatever surfaces as their needs," he said. He donated a DVD player and two instruments to the school in Amman.

The school was opened in 1974 and, according to Everett, is a very prestigious school where children from high-class family attend. Hussein sent his children to this school many years ago. The school has approximately 1,200 students and is made up of Muslim and Christian kids.

Everett plans to make another trip to Jordan in the fall and perform various other tasks to enhance students’ leadership skills.

"Right now, we have planned to take individuals to the school that can teach them different aspects of hotel management and someone who can help the students prepare themselves for job interviews," Everett said.

He also plans to set up a clinic at a local church.

"The people being served will be 90 percent Muslim, so this will be a great ministry opportunity," Everett said.

He is also hoping to start an exchange program between the Jordanian students and ones in Sevier County. Soaring Eagle Ministries is also partnering with the Jordan Baptist Convention.

Everett is encouraging Sevier County citizens to take part in the ministries that are reaching out to the Middle East and bring some change in those countries.

"There are so many ways we can play a part in that area," he said. "This is a great opportunity for this county. We can all make a dramatic impact in those countries."