The Miracle of 100,000 Pounds of Groceries Feeding 3,600 Families

( [email protected] ) Mar 16, 2004 08:26 AM EST

Miracles don't only happen in Jesus' time. On Saturday, several churches in Conyers gave away 100,000 pounds of groceries to around 3,600 families on what they call a “Day of Hope” with no income requirements.

Mary Hurst, mother of 11, was grateful when she heard news of the grocery giveaway.

“It's a blessing," said Hurst.

Over hundreds of people like Hurst came on a first-come, first-serve basis through the line.

The sponsor churches were Hope Christian Fellowship of Stockbridge, New Life Victory Center of Covington and Glorious Tabernacle, Grace Tabernacle and The Father's House of Conyers.

However, the event allowed the church volunteers to share something more than just physical food. The giveaway was also a time for the church to re-establish its relationship with the community and teach about God.

Connie Webb, a volunteer from Glorious Tabernacle, who is excited that “people are coming together” even participated as part of a team who offered prayers to the people in line.

“It's wonderful to be able to come out and share God's word."

Event organizer Bob Bird, a member of The Father's House, explained how giving out is an application of the love Christians learn from church.

Not only should Christians “pray harder, read our Bible longer, give more and be more faithful at church”, according to Bird, “But Christians are commanded to love their neighbors as well.”

Showing further care for the community, the organizers of the event also made sure the families had entertainment. There were puppet shows, music, balloons and hot dogs available for the community to enjoy.

In 1999, 13 percent of the population in Georgia lived in poverty and in Rockdale, 8.2 percent.

Families like Hurst are examples of that need the church is trying to address.

"I got 11 kids — God blessed me with three and the rest I adopted," said Mary Hurst. In addition to raising her biological children, she is raising two stepchildren and six children she got legal custody of from her relative who was unable to care for them. Even though she may have hand-full, God will provide.

"Hope is what this is all about," he said. "Everybody's so happy to be here. It thrills me," says Allen Mayes, pastor Of New Life Victory Center.

In six months, the churches hope to sponsor another giveaway. Mayes said putting food into the hands of the hungry is truly the Lord's work.

"When Jesus walked the Earth, he went to where the need was," Mayes said.