Trans World Radio Broadcasts Stability Amidst Spain Tragedy

( [email protected] ) Mar 16, 2004 07:56 PM EST

SPAIN--The tragic bombing in Madrid last week that left nearly 200 people dead and over a thousand people injured has not alleviated any of Spain’s deteriorating moral condition. However, when there is tragedy, there is also opportunity, according to David McCreary of Trans World Radio, a Christian broadcasting ministry.

"There's a spiritual vacuum that exists in Spain. It's being filled by things like secularism, materialism and drugs, even gambling,” said McCreary.

He said their ministry will provide some of those answers along with stability.

“The evangelical community there is quite small, and that's why we feel like radio is so important and can be so effective."

The roots of the ministry goes back to Dr. Paul E. Freed, who founded it in 1952. Dr. Freed who wanted to help rectify the spiritual situation in Spain. He found a way to broadcast to Spain from its neighbor country in Tangier, Morocco. The radio ministry has grown from being broadcasted in only 2 languages to 140 today. Some of its 1,200 hours of Christian programs a week has also been adapted for ministries such as Thru the Bible Radio, Insight for Living, the International Mission Board, and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Some security concerns involving terrorism have arisen, but McCreary reassures there is nothing to worry about yet. The Bible teaching programs will continue to be broadcasted on a partner network. "We just will continue to broadcast our programming from this network, so we don't really think that there are any security issues that will be involved there."

Trans World Radio said its “vision is to reach the world for Christ so that lasting fruit is produced.” Right now is a time when the ministry is needed the most to reconcile the spiritual warfare inside the hearts of the people of Madrid whom McCreary describes as having a problem deeper than horror, anger and loss.