Conference to Show God's Love Can Win Over and Prevent Homosexuality

( [email protected] ) Apr 02, 2004 05:33 PM EST

Focus on the Family (FOTF) teaches that homosexuality, just like any sin, can be triumphed over with the love and compassion of Christ through the “Love Won Out” conference that will take place on April 17 at the Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL. Homosexuality is preventable and treatable, says Focus on the Family who have already delivered messages of hope to over 21,000.

The conference comes at a time when the sin of homosexuality may be treated with contempt from Christian community but the conference attempts to teach the correct way to respond to the issue on homosexuality as in accordance with the Gospel.

“Many churches are frustrated with the deluge of pro-gay messages today, and in their frustration they begin to react to the gay community with anger and condemnation,” said Mike Haley, a former homosexual and Love Won Out conference host.

“But we are coming to Pensacola with a different message, one that calls for the church to put down its signs of protest and begin reaching out to the gay community with truth and understanding,” he said. The event will also prepare the heart of the church to deal with pro-gay events held in Pensacola that will take place during the Memorial Day weekend in early May.

Featured speakers at the conference such as President of the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D., and FOTF’s Gender Analyst, Melissa Fryrear, a former lesbian, will cover topics essential the understanding and treatment of homosexuality, including: clinical development of homosexuality; the relationship between homosexuality and genetics; the pro-gay agenda in public schools; and homosexual recovery.

Haley said, “We encourage the public to come to our conference with open minds and hear the real stories behind this controversial topic.”

Although there will be presentations and discussion over this issue, FOTF believes that well-defended arguments that come solely from logic are ineffective in preventing homosexuality because they never win the heart.

“Such persuasive conversations on the truth of homosexuality have often intrigued minds, but it is the love of God that transforms hurting hearts,” reads the Love Won Out website.

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