Promise Keepers Calling on Christian Men to Influence Society

( [email protected] ) May 04, 2004 01:53 AM EDT

Concerned about society’s decaying moral values, President of Promise Keepers Dr. Tom Fortson organized a Media Day on April 28 to address the increasing acceptance of abortion, same-sex relationships, pornography and other ills. During half-day event, Dr. Fortson announced that the men’s organization is changing from that of a “movement” to a mission as he called on every Christian man to have a greater influence in society.

“It’s time to get out of the arena and into the marketplace,” Fortson said. “And so what do I mean by on mission? We mean that men need to be in the marketplace being a positive influence. We need doctors, attorneys, carpenters, electricians, mechanics, politicians, musicians knowing that their assignment is really to influence their community for the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Four sessions of the event covered an analysis of a Barna study on Christian men in the US, an overview of the Promise Keepers 2004 conference season, and discussions titled “What Men in America Want Today,” and “Sports, Sex and God.”

During the session “What Men in America Want Today”, a panel of four discussed issues men face today such as a father’s love, romance, politics and marketplace influence, the local congregation and accountability, greed, race and ethnicity, pornography, and culture wars.

“Christians are supposed to be influencing the culture,” said frequent Promise Keepers speaker Bishop Wellington Boone, when referring to recent scandals in corporate America.

The panel featured Bishop Wellington Boone, Wellington Boone Ministries, Atlanta, Ga.;Dr. John Trent,, Phoenix, Ariz.;Pastor Dobie Weasel, Glad Tidings Church, Omaha, Neb.; and Moderator: Dr. Tom Fortson, Promise Keepers, Denver, Colo.

Miles McPherson, former San Diego Chargers player, discussed the role of morality in athletics during the session on “Sports, Sex and God.”

“If there isn’t a moral compass in their hearts, then what you get is anarchy. That’s what we’ll have in this country if we don’t have moral law,” said McPherson. He added, with “freedom there is responsibility.”

This year, Promise Keepers kicks-off a three-year campaign called “Real Men Matter”. Promise Keepers will visit 18 cities during the 2004 conference, which will be based on the book Uprising – A Revolution of the Soul, by Erwin Raphael McManus. According to Harold Velasquez, vice president of creative services, “Real men want to live significant lives,” said. “But, unfortunately, our society has lost the essence of masculinity. “to bring clarity to what a real man is and help men develop true significance.” Commenting on the book, Velasquez said, “A man’s character development begins with humility, that inevitably leads to integrity. The result is courage. This is the quest for honor.”

“You’re talking about real men matter,” said Dr. Fortson. “Real men tackle real issues. And so we are tackling issues. And this cultural war is just not in America, but it's global. And so we're also encouraging men not only to be praying for our nation, but also to be praying for the world.”

“It’s only by turning our hearts back to truth that we’ll be able to win the culture war,” he said.

“And so we're calling promise keepers to stay on course wherever God has you, whatever field he has you,go into the marketplace and be a light for Him. Let your light so shine that men may what, see your good works. That you may glorify not how good you are, but that you may glorify your Father in heaven.”