Promise Keepers Calls Same-sex Unions Spiritual Problem

( [email protected] ) May 14, 2004 02:55 PM EDT

Promise Keepers (PK) names “same sex” unions a spiritual problem and not a civil rights issue according a statement released on May 12. They will be joining with the growing number of African-American pastors rallying across the country to support traditional marriage.

“It would be an historical error to equate the civil rights struggle for racial equality with the movement for civil accommodations based solely upon sexual behavior,” said PK president Dr. Thomas S. Fortson in a letter of support to the “Not On My Watch” committee, which is organizing the May 22 rally on the steps of Arlington (Texas) City Hall.

PK will join rallies in Atlanta, New York City, and now in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex to carry “out the Christian obligation to shepherd the flock and point the way,” according to Fortson, an African American who grew up during the civil rights era.

The men’s outreach organization has taken the stand to support marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Fortson added, “Even the attempt to refer to same sex unions as ‘marriage’ is a non-sequitur.”

Recently, on April 28, Fortson called a Media Day where he called on Christians in business, media, entertainment, and politics to exercise their influence in the culture.

The 2004 PK conferences will kick-off on June 4 in Albany, New York.