Southwestern Seminary Introduces Feminist Theology Course

( [email protected] ) May 21, 2004 02:24 PM EDT

FORT WORTH, Texas – As part of the new curriculum, a course on feminist theology will be offered this summer in Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Seminary trustees recently restructured the master of divinity program to expand concentrations within the degree. Women’s study is what has been added to the new curriculum and feminist theology is one of the many women’s study courses that will be offered through the seminary.

Besides feminist theology, there will be more courses offered through the women’s studies concentration in the School of Theology such as the biblical theology of womanhood, biblical interpretation for women, and women in missions. The women's studies concentration in the School of Theology, however, remains separate from the women's ministry degree in the School of Educational Ministries.

"In order to combat the slippery slope created by the feminist movement, we must understand the arguments and perspectives presented by its supporters," said Terri Stovall, assistant professor of adult education at Southwestern. Stovall added that the feminist movement incorrectly advocates the feminism of God and holds to a unique interpretation of Scripture for women

The course has its focus on presenting an overview of the feminist movement and discuss biblical responses to the impact of the movement on American culture, academia and churches.

"Feminism has attacked our understanding of biblical manhood and womanhood," said Mary Kassian, who will be teaching the course during summer. She is well known Canadian author, speaker and teacher.

"The struggle between men and women has intensified. Marriages, divorce rates, children, educational philosophy, and sexuality have all been impacted by feminism. The foundational question of who am I as a woman or man has experienced a paradigm shift as a result of the feminist movement," she added.

Stovall emphasized that this is a unique opportunity for students to benefit from the in-depth research, study and training of feminist theology.

"Offering this course echoes the fact that we at Southwestern are serious about training women to know what they are talking about and preparing them to serve God as he calls," Stovall said. "We need theologically sound women in ministry."

Stovall said students from other seminaries such as New Orleans Seminary and Southern Seminary are coming to take the course. The course on feminist theology runs May 31 - June 4.