Short-Term Mission Team Encourages African Students to Pledge for Abstinence

( [email protected] ) May 26, 2004 03:05 PM EDT

Multiple short-term missions trips for Adventures in Missions are kicking off this during the end of this month for the summer term. Among those, Executive Director of Adventures in Missions Seth Barnes is leading a group of college-age adults to Swaziland, Africa, a trip that began May 23, 2004 and will end on June 21, 2004.

Over 100 students from Dallas Baptist University will be participating in the Dream for Africa trip. The objective for the Dream for Africa is to have 95% of the Swazi students make an honest commitment to abstain from sexual activity until marriage through individual conversations and through the showing of “Beat the Drum” movie, which will be shown to all high school students in Swaziland during the summer.

There will be 40 teams, each with African and American participants. In a recent mission trip report posted May 25, project staff member Nathan Ricke said teams were also given their first opportunity to begin learning the “Beat the Drum” curriculum they will be using to minister to Swaziland’s high school students.

James Jakubowski, a photographer who received a chance to visit a hospital and a refugee village, saw first-hand some major issues that were plaguing the Swaziland people.

“We had the opportunity to pray with some of the people we met,” he said. “That was an eye opening experience, to see the devastation of AIDS and poverty on the people and how we were able to minister to them.”

Adventures In Missions is an interdenominational short-term missions organization that arranges trips ranging from 2-12 weeks in any particular location.