YWAM's GENESIS School Announces Speaking Schedule for 2004 Term

Jul 29, 2004 09:04 PM EDT

The GENESIS School within Youth With A Mission’s University of the Nations has announced its schedule for its 2004 school in Worcester, South Africa.

For 12 weeks, September 20 to December 10, students will learn about the new frontier of the YWAM mission using a video conferencing system called GENESIS.

According to the promotional website, “The GENESIS School is designed for those who have a desire to impact nations in new ways with today’s opportunities. It is for people who have a passion for the nations and would like to learn how Biblical truth could fill the earth like the waters cover the sea. The focus is on young people who would like to grow in leadership and Christ-like character. It is for those who want to make God known by linking people together with New Technologies.”

Topics covered during the course will include: GENESIS concept and vision; Leadership and Pioneering; Trans-cultural communications; New technologies - Videoconferencing, Web development, Multimedia applications; Educational principles; and God’s ways in communications.

YWAM Founder Loren Cunningham is also scheduled to teach at the school.

The pre-requisitie for attending the GENESIS School is the Discipleship Training School.

Below is South Africa GENESIS school speaking schedule for its 2004 session:

Week 1 - Transcultural Communications Speaker : Allana Hiha / New Zealand · Topic : To grasp the uniqueness of the different cultures and the biblical principles of communication.

Week 2 - Vision, Concept & History of GENESIS · Speaker : Markus Steffen, GENESIS international Director / Switzerland · Topics : To understand the vision, concept and history of GENESIS with various stories since it's birthed in 1994.

Week 3 - Video Conferencing Workshops · Speaker : School Staff · Topic : To acquire an overview of the Videoconferencing system, it's future trends and innovations. To learn how to facilitate, maintain and troubleshoot the GENESIS link.

Week 4 - Community Development · Speaker : *Christine Colby / Community Development Center director / USA · Topic : To get a deeper insight in Community Development with various practical principles.

Week 5 and 6 - Educational Principles and Worldview · Speaker : Frazer and Puanana Haug · Topics : Understanding the dynamics of a classroom and how to create a highly effective learning environment. Applying Educational Principles within the framework of linking classes and students from different cultures together. / To obtain an understanding of an integrated worldviews.

Week 6 - Pioneering Principles · Speaker : Joe Portale / USA · Topic : To understand the biblical principles of leadership, vision and pioneering. UofN, Modes of educations, leadership · Speaker : Tom Bloomer / Provost of University of the Nations / USA · Topics : UofN,formal and nonformal training, leadership

Week 7 - Computer Training and Web development · Speaker : Vince and Jinah Licari (USA / Korea) · Topics : To gain basics/advanced skill developement for Microsoft applications. To learn how to build and design your own website and to use the Internet effectively.

Week 8 - Video Production · Speaker : *Diane Vermooten · Topic : Basic introduction to Video Production.

Week 8 - Understanding Africa · Speaker : *Wilson Goeda / South Africa · Topic : To gain understanding on the history, destiny and God's heart for Africa.

Week 9 - God's ways · Speaker : Paul Hawkins / USA · Topic : To understanding God's ways and walking in Holiness in the sphere of communications and daily lives.

Week 10 - Project Planning · Speaker : Jim Halcomb / USA · Topic : To understand God’s ways and processes of planning and leading a project. To grow in wisdom and skill to implement a vision through a God-given projects.

Week 11 - Leadership · Speaker : Iain Muir · Topic : To acquire God’s perspective of the character and spirituality to be a servant leader.

Week 12 - Marketing & Evaluation ( Graduation ) · Speaker : Markus Steffen / International GENESIS Centre director / Switzerland · Topics : To Understand basic Marketing and how it applies to serving the Nations. Communicating the vision of the GENESIS appropriately for the target audiences.

Leadership · Speaker : Loren Cunningham / Founder of YWAM / USA · Topic : Leadership

YWAM Foundational Values · Speaker : Darlene Cunningham / Founder of YWAM / USA · Topic : YWAM Foundational Values