Pioneer Clubs to Hold Kids for Kids Hike

Autumn Kids for Kids Hike is schedule for October 16, 2004.
( [email protected] ) Jul 30, 2004 09:40 PM EDT

Pioneer Clubs, a weekly club for kids ages 2 to those in the twelfth grade, will hold its Autumn Kids for Kids Hike on October 16, 2004.

Hiking sites will be arranged by local churches.

The weekly clubs are run by individual churches who follow the programs and club structure up by Pioneer Clubs.

In a recent survey, 46 percent of our churches reported that unchurched families had begun attending worship services as a result of their child’s involvement in Pioneer Clubs, reported Pioneer Clubs.

Earlier this year, Pioneeer Clubs held a Kids for Kids Hike in the spring. Kids for Kids Hike T-shirts will be available in youth and adult sizes for purchase. Free hike promotional posters will also be made available for participating churches.

Pioneer Clubs helps kids have fun, learn new skills, build relationships, study the Bible, and ultimately, learn to live for Christ in every aspect of life. Pioneer Clubs serves over 3,000 churches and over 140,000 children throughout North America.