15,000 Promise Keepers Head Home with a Vow to Vote

Participants of Promise Keepers Conference in Atlanta were encouraged to take a bigger responsibility in the community of Christ by engaging in social activities and casting votes
( [email protected] ) Aug 11, 2004 10:50 PM EDT

Promise Keepers’ two-day “Uprising – The Revolution of a Man’s Soul” conference in Atlanta, GA, Aug 6-7, brought an unbelievable spiritual atmosphere to an audience of more than 15,000 men who were totally awakened by the astonishing spirit of Christ.

During this memorable awakening, Promise Keepers President Tom Fortson emphasized the importance of having Christians to involve more in public outreach and social activities such as voting.

“A lot of the issues in our society today – such as abortion and same-sex marriage – aren’t political problems, they are spiritual,” Fortson said. “We are calling men to action by engaging the culture through the elective process, equipping them with resources to influence the marketplace for the sake of righteousness and justice.”

Fortson also explained that the lack of participation among Christians in governmental activities is what contributed to the declining image of Christian around the world. Subsequently, Fortson concluded that Christians need to vote to influence the world in the name of Christ. To do that, he introduced to the crowd “Promise to Vote” program, a non-partisan voter registration drive.

A part on the promise to vote website explains that its commission is to call a man to be committed in influencing his world (Mark 12:30-31 and Matthew 28:19-20). “It calls us to put our gifts, talents, and strengths to work for the Lord, to be salt and light in society. Love is the method. Sharing Christ and making disciples is the mission.”

The article continues “The first place of citizenship is the voting booth. Unfortunately, Americans of all faiths are voting in fewer and fewer numbers. In fact, a third of registered voters have not gone to the polls in the two most recent Presidential elections." Finally, it concludes “As followers of Christ and stewards of our land, we cannot let another election go by without making our voice heard. Whatever your place in this world - politician, physician, teacher, tradesman, salesman - it's up to you to impact your sphere of influence, for Christ's sake.”

In response to Fortson’s calling, the audience vowed to take bigger roles and be actively influenial in the community of Christ to make His culture be known. An emotional crowd repeatedly chanted “Vote for Christ” after Reggie Dabbs, the conference emcee, declared ” America is the greatest country on earth because 15,000 men will bow their knee and proclaim Jesus as Lord.”

For more information about Promise Keepers, please visit www.promisekeepers.org or call toll-free 1-800-888-7595.