40 Days of Corporate Prayer & Fasting for National Repentance

( [email protected] ) Sep 13, 2004 08:31 PM EDT

The schedule for “The 40 days of corporate prayer and fasting for national repentance” has been set from Sept 24 to Nov.2, 2004. Hundreds of national churches and congregations are expected to participate in this 40 long days event.

The event is designed to call pastors, prayer coordinators, congregations, and networks throughout each state and region to set aside a 40-day period for corporate fasting, prayer, repentance and seeking the face of God. The desire is to “stand in the gap” for the communities, regions, states, and nation as it passes through a time of war and another critical national election, explained on “The 40 days USA” website.

On Sunday, October 10th, a special worship service for "the 40 days event" called “Solemn Assembly” will be held. Solemn Assembly is designed to provide an opportunity personal and communal repentance. Participating pastors and congregations will gather at local designated churches for this worship service.

The final days of the event will focus on the theme of fasting. Churches and groups will engage in corporate fasts with intense prayers. The 40 days walk will end on Nov 2.

To prepare for the event, some churches and networks have already planned to establish 24/7 prayer teams. These teams will take turn and continously pray to God throughout the entire event.