Convoy of Hope Prepares for Hurricane Ivan

( [email protected] ) Sep 15, 2004 04:41 PM EDT

After hurricanes Charley and Frances ripped through Florida, a third major hurricane called Ivan is approaching the US coastline, and is expected to make landfall early Thursday somewhere between New Orleans, Louisiana, and Pensacola, Florida. Once again, Convoy of Hope (COH) is preparing to send its emergency teams into the areas to assist the victims of this ferocious storm.

Currently, COH is recruiting volunteers to work in the hardest hit area immediately after the storm passes through. The organization is pre-positioning trucks and supplies to deal with the aftermath of the storm. Millions of pounds of supply will be distributed to thousands of people. For the last two hurricanes, COH provided more than 4 million pounds of food and supplies serving approximately 150,000 people.

Convoy of Hope was formed in 1994. It began by networking with churches within communities to hold an outreach that would give away groceries, help people find jobs, and present the Gospel. Today, over 100,000 guests come to these outreaches yearly.