Promise Keepers to Hold 'Uprising' Conference in Tucson, Arizona on Sept 24

( [email protected] ) Sep 16, 2004 09:41 PM EDT

Promise Keepers, the nation's largest Christian men's ministry, said it will be heading toward Tuscon, Arizona to begin an "uprising" on Sept 24, 2004. The highly anticipated two day conference is called "Uprising: The Revolution of a Man's Soul."

A part of the event's introduction on Promise Keepers’ website says “Find your true purpose and destiny in the pursuit of the passion and character of God. Be a part of a revolution that changes a life of imitation and mediocrity into one of passion and character...a radical revolt that will forever change the world”

“The event is a revolution of the soul that will transform an ordinary life into an extraordinary one. It is only for those who are ready to join an uprising, it is only for those who want something more out of life”, the website explained.

Among the speakers at the Tucson event will be Dennis Rainey of Little Rock, Ark., president of FamilyLife - a division of Campus Crusade for Life.