GOOD TV Attends NRB Convention and Exposition

Taiwan-based GOOD TV operates public-relation booth at a major Christian media convention in the United States.
( [email protected] ) Feb 14, 2005 06:58 PM EST

Since last week, Taiwan-based Christian media group, GOOD TV, has operated a public-relations booth at the 62nd Nation Religious Broadcasters Annual Convention and Exposition (NRB 2005) in Anaheim, California. GOOD TV reportedly boasts the first and largest Chinese Christian media network in the world.

Founded in February 1998, GOOD TV has since then broadcasted Christian programs into 50 nations including Myanmar, China, Indonesia, and the United States. In addition, GOOD TV reportedly broadcasts to an average of 3.2 million viewers per month in Taiwan alone. Average monthly Internet website viewing, says GOOD TV exceeds one million visits.

The media group not broadcasts not only through cables, but also via satellite communication devices. According to GOOD TV, millions of Chinese worldwide find the programs they broadcast helpful especially in finding references for providing worship services and seminary training. GOOD TV currently broadcasts in Mandarin, the Taiwanese-dialect, and English.

GOOD TV CEO Tony Tseng commented in a newsletter, “Praise the Lord that GOOD TV receives much encouragement and responses from out audiences, with China being the largest overseas viewer group…. [and] we have received thousands of mails and calls from out viewers throughout China.”

Mr. Leung also explained that the media group hopes to spread the message of the gospel to many ‘unsaved’ Chinese all over the world via broadcasting.

The annual NRB conventions are reportedly some of the largest gatherings of Christian media communicators in the world today. This year alone, more than six thousand Christian communicators from all over the world made appearances at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim California. The 62nd annual event was held February thru 15. At the event, more than 300 exhibitors set up displays including GOOD TV.

The NRB Convention and Exposition will end this Tuesday, February 15.