Cosmic Light Tour Addresses Four-Dimensional Relationship

Held in Contra Costa Gospel Church in Walnut Creek, California, Dr. Lin Chi-Ping teaches about dehumanization and the four-dimensional relationship.
( [email protected] ) Aug 10, 2005 12:34 PM EDT

From August 7-21, Christian Cosmic Light Holistic Care Organization and Herald Crusaders are hosting numerous gospel meetings in different regions of the Bay Area. Main speakers include Dr. Lin Chi-Ping, founder of Comic Light, and Dr. Jian Chun An of Tung Hai University in Taiwan.

Yesterday, Dr. Lin spoke to a crowd of forty people in Contra Costa Gospel Church in Walnut Creek, California, about “dehumanization” – a term he uses to refer to man who lost his original image of having a four-dimensional relationship.

The lecture, starting from 10:30 am and lasting until 4:30 pm, was focused on the challenges of serving in the 21st century. Dr. Lin spoke about how many people live one-dimensional lives – in the world of knowledge. Thus, they are slowly dehumanizing and becoming less and less like the original image that God has put inside of them.

The four dimensions Dr. Lin refers to, namely Godly quotient (GQ), emotional quotient (EQ), knowledge quotient (KQ), and intelligence quotient (IQ), are four kinds of relationship that a man needs to be complete, says Dr. Lin.

“Only by living in four dimensions can our lives become abundant. The Son of God came to give us life so that we may have it more abundantly.” Said Dr. Lin.

Through the four-dimensional theory, the Taiwanese ministry has since spread throughout the world extending its "holistic care" -- reconstructing the human life and restoring its dignity. The tour is part of its recent campaign to increase awareness of the community to the gospel through its unique method of teaching.