Intercessory Prayer Retreat

Mar 28, 2003 01:28 PM EST

JAARS Ministries organizes , a special retreat focusing on intercessory prayer will encourage spiritual growth. JAARS’ Earl Adams says, "The primary focus here is personal development, personal prayer life and ministry. Spreading this influence through the individuals that are here for this time of the retreat, out to the various home countries where they serve." Because of the number of personal demands on time, Adams says believers experience a personal prayer time shortage. "The Lord is our resource. Testings are going to come whatever our calling and ministry in life and those testings may be enhanced maybe all the greater in cross-cultural situations so that whatever the test may be our resource again ultimately is in our personal faith, confidence, walk, trust with the Lord." The retreat has been entitled, “Developing Intimacy With God.”

By Pauline J.