Two Christian Conferences Underway

Jerusalem to hold an international conference with leaders around the globe
Oct 13, 2003 02:06 PM EDT

Two major international conferences are taking place in Jerusalem this week. At the Jerusalem Summit, hosted by the Christian Coalition for Israel, some 100 opinion-makers from the U.S. and Europe, most of whose members are identified with the political right, are discussing various issues of peace in the Middle East in the post-Oslo era. Most of Israel's cabinet ministers will appear at the conference, held at the capital's King David Hotel. Among conference participants are the former U.S. undersecretary of defense Richard Perle, and President Bush's advisor on the Middle East, Prof. Daniel Pipes.

Another large-scale gathering of support for Israel, held by the International Christian Embassy in honor of Sukkot, is underway at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon appeared before the 5,000 delegates of the ICEJ conference last night.