South West - Buea : Prayer For Peace

( [email protected] ) Dec 03, 2003 07:46 AM EST

The Governor of the South West Province, Ejake Mbonda Thomas and other provincial dignitaries joined the local Muslim Religious leader, Imam Aboubakar Mohamed in a one-hour-long prayer session at their Buea Station prayer ground yesterday to mark the end of a laborious one month fasting by Islamic faithfuls.

Some 500 believers were present at the prayer field among them was Colonel Souaibou Tidjani of the Buea Military Sector. Imam Aboubakar solemnly conducted prayers for peace in Cameroon. He prayed to the Almighty to grant the Leaders of Cameroon the necessary wisdom and God-fearing qualities in other to continue steering the nation's boat towards safety.

It was a bright morning. The hundred of faithfuls appeared in splendid gandouras and exhibited elation for having braved the long fasting. However, Imam Aboubakar warned the youths from taking the Ramadan feast time for liberty when God could be forgotten a period for rendez-vous with girls.

Aboubakar's sermon relayed on the local Radio left no time for the listener to blink as Governor Ejake Mbonda kept nodding in complete approval. Buea Rural Council Mayor,Mbella Moki Charles,a habitual friend of the Muslims attracted the crowds after the prayer session with his dress typical of Moslems and good for the occasion.

Merry making continued throughout the afternoon in the neighborhoods with no excesses reported in Buea.