Church Initiates Mission to Rehabilitate Prison Inmates

( [email protected] ) Dec 16, 2003 10:57 AM EST

The Nairobi Lighthouse Church, a growing evangelical church in the country, has embarked on a nation-wide prison outreach mission aimed at ministering to inmates.

The first mission ran from December 1 to 7, after being officially flagged off by Kenya's Vice President and Minister for Home Affairs, Hon Moody Awori.

Speaking in an interview with AANA, a spokesperson for the church, Ms Tracy Gichora, said that they managed to visit 85 prisons, and reached more than 45,000 prisoners in the seven-day exercise.

"It felt fulfilling to be able to assure the inmates of forgiveness through Christ, and seeing them happy and with smiling faces," she said.

The prison outreach programme, which is one of the largest ever held by a church in the country, will be conducted annually, the main aim being to add a theological touch to the rehabilitation of inmates.