Students Take Futher Action After 30 Hour Famine

( [email protected] ) Mar 03, 2004 10:15 AM EST

30 Hour Famine, Feb. 27 –28, sponsored by World Vision ended yet the students are continuously taking action to further their goals in fighting against the world’s hunger and poverty.

Charles Hall-Pinner, father of two daughters who are attending Valley Christian Junior & High School in Dublin, organized the event connecting various local schools and youth groups in the bay area of California including Dublin High; San Ramon High; Vacaville Christian; Berean Christian in Walnut Creek; Amador High in Pleasanton; and California High in San Ramon.

In a phone interview with Christian Post, Hall-Pinner said the event helped the students spiritually as they gained a sense of obedience knowing what it means to serve others as Christ and became one with the hearts of the poor who are suffering from poverty.

“The 30 Hour Famine was a wonderful success, and I am certain that all of us will never forget it. It was an opportunity to humble ourselves before God; to be obedient; and to take a small step towards meeting the needs of a hurting world,” Hall-Pinner said, “From my perspective, this event was just the first step on a journey of compassion. It is my prayer that these young people will be inspired to spend their lives reaching out to neighbors in need, whether they are across the street or around the globe.”

Fighting against the hunger does not end here. Hall-Pinner is planning conduct a survey with the students interviewing the general public on the issue of poverty to “better understand the local communities state of awareness regarding the plight of the people of Africa,” he said. The results will be published.

Then in April, he will lead a mission trip to Africa with World Vision to see the plight of people there and provide their needs at first hand. Some of the students who participated in the famine event will also go on this mission trip.