Salvation Army Reaches Out to Madrid Bombing Victims

( [email protected] ) Mar 17, 2004 09:02 AM EST

Many Christian groups are offering help for the victims of the historically remorseful terrorist attack on March 11 in Spain.

The Salvation Army based in Spain is also offering help as many ways as possible to comfort the victims and their families. As soon as the bomb exploded, the Salvation staff went to the site and offered help by distributing food, water, and blankets and by providing spiritual comfort for those who were heart broken at the tragic incident. There is still many Salvation staff in place reaching out their hands.

Major Federico L. Larrinaga, The Salvation Army's Officer Commanding for Spain, was out of the country on vacation at the time of the tragedy but returned quickly upon hearing the incident.

Larrinaga wrote to General John Larsson and explained of the situation. He wrote that “there is a sense of chaos in the air”and that he is very proud of the Salvation staff who is out there providing help. He said international leaders “should feel as proud as I am of our officers, soldiers and volunteers here in Spain. They saw the need and did not hesitate for a moment to react. Instead, they rolled up their sleeves and began to work around the clock.”

In his final statement he said, “There is one thing that I will request – keep us all in your prayers so that we will have physical and spiritual strength to continue to serve the many who are suffering.”