Bush Remembers Sacrifice of Jesus in Easter Message

( [email protected] ) Apr 09, 2004 10:09 AM EDT

President George Bush issued an Easter message in a written statement released on Good Friday, entitled, “The Lord is risen indeed” and cited Luke 24:34 as the main passage. The strongly Christian President kept the focus of his Easter message clear: victory over sin through the love of God as shown through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

“I send greetings to Christians around the world as they gather to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus' life and teachings continue to speak to every generation, and Christians believe his miraculous Resurrection provides hope for the future and offers us the promise of new life.

Through His ministry and sacrifice, Jesus demonstrated God's unconditional love for us. He taught us the importance of helping others and loving our neighbors. His selfless devotion and mercy provide a remarkable example for all of us.

As families and friends gather to enjoy this Easter season, we celebrate God's gift of freedom and His love that conquers death. For those who observe Easter, our faith brings confidence that good will overcome evil and that joy is everlasting. Today, we give thanks for God's many blessings and pray for His peace in the affairs of men.

Laura joins me in sending our best wishes for a happy Easter.”