Habitat Founder Hopes to Build Homes in Iraq

( [email protected] ) May 18, 2004 08:37 AM EDT

MARYVILLE, Tenn. – Habitat for Humanity founder Millard Fuller expressed his hope to build houses in Iraq while he was giving a commencement speech at Maryville College in Tennessee Sunday, May 16, for dedication of a new Habitat house.

"Habitat for Humanity is trying to bring people together," Fuller said, "We have built 500 houses in Afghanistan. I hope when it's possible we can start building houses in Iraq.”

"Maybe we've got it wrong in how we're dealing with our enemies," he added, "Maybe we should build them a house."

Since its establishment in 1969, the nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry has been serving the nation and the world with the goal of eliminating poverty around the world by building houses. So far, Habitat has built houses for almost 800,000 people in nearly 90 countries.

Habitat’s service for the needy is ongoing as it connects Christian and non-Christian communities, engaging people and organizations to charity work in regardless of faith. Recently, Habitat announced its partnership with Clear Channel Entertainment titled “Raise the Roof.” The project provides opportunity to build houses for the poor with top artists who will be supporting a Habitat house-building project in a community where they are on tour. Corporate sponsors, community volunteers, and the artists will work together to build a house.

"Clear Channel Entertainment is a perfect partner for us not only because of the resources and relationships they have, but the commitment they have to making an impact in local communities where they operate," said Chris Clarke, senior vice president of communications for Habitat. "Raise the Roof gives us a creative, high energy platform to reach and educate new supporters about what we do. It also offers volunteer and sponsorship opportunities that are truly meaningful because you can see the impact immediately on those lives this affects."

"We are very excited about this partnership and the unique way in which we can make an impact in our local communities," said Brian Becker, chair and CEO of Clear Channel Entertainment. "Habitat for Humanity is one of the most exemplary charities in the world today and we feel that Raise the Roof is an ideal way to involve our employees, artists, corporate partners, and music fans in bettering the lives of people in our home communities.