Focus on the Family Sends Out 1.3 million Voter Registration Forms

For the first time, Focus on the Family has mailed voter registration forms directly to its constituents in an effort to register more Christians to vote this election.
( [email protected] ) Sep 02, 2004 09:27 PM EDT

A little more than a month after launching its "I Vote Values" campaign, aimed at encouraging more Christians to vote this election, Focus on the Family has sent 1.3 million voter registration forms to its constituents.

A letter from Dr. James Dobson, founder and chairman of Focus on the Family, included in the registration packet reports, quoted data showing that 40 percent of the organization's constituents are not registered to vote.

The registration packets are meant to streamline the voting registration process and includes two registration applications, one for the recipient and one for a spouse or friend. No candidate endorsements are written in the packet.

Dobson wrote in the letter that although "the future of our great nation depends on concerned Christians going to the polls to reflect their deeply held convictions," they must first be properly registered.

One of Focus on the Family's top concern this upcoming election is the affect of U.S. marriage laws on the institution of family.

Several events earlier this year intended to fuel the homosexual movement have caused supporters of traditional marriage, especially evangelicals, to have reason for concern. In February, the City of San Francisco isssued nearly 4,000 marriage licenses to same-sex couples while Massachusetts legalized same-sex "marriage" in May.

"Most importantly, Election 2004 will decide what place marriage will have in the future of our country," Donbson wrote. "The institution of the family literally hangs in the balance."

In another effort to ensure that traditional marriage and other pro-family values are protected, Focus on the Family Action, the public policy arm of the organization, will be hosting "Stand for the Family" rallies in three states.

"The issues at stake here have never been more critical to the well-being of our nation and its people," Dobson said. "Those elected will appoint judges, determine the future course of the war on terrorism, decide if temporary tax cuts will become permanent and, most importantly, define marriage once and for all."

Prominent Christian figures will speak during the rally, including Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council; Gary Bauer, president of American Values; Bishop Wellington Boone of Promise Keepers; and, of course, Focus on the Family Action Chairman Dr. James Dobson.

Organizers of the rally have emphasized the events are intended to be non-partisan although speakers will educate Christians on where candidates stand on particular issues.

While Dobson has personally endorsed President Bush, he reminded Christians to vote on candidates whose positions uphold Christian values.

"Rest assured, voter registration is not about Republicans or Democrats, conservatives or liberals," Dobson wrote. "It's about Christians responding to the issues that threaten the future of family, faith and freedom in America."

Dates and locations for the "Stand for the Family" rallies are listed below:

North Carolina — September 6 and 7

Sept. 6: Charlotte (Cricket Arena)

Sept. 7: Raleigh (RBC Center)

Louisiana — September 27 and 28

Sept. 27: Baton Rouge (Riverside Centroplex)

Sept. 28: Shreveport (Century Tel Arena)

South Dakota — October 4 and 5

Oct. 4: Sioux Falls (Sioux Falls Arena)

Oct. 5: Rapid City (Rushmore Civic Arena)