FRC Scorecard Reveals Congressmen's Voting Record on Pro-family Issues

( [email protected] ) Oct 07, 2004 07:41 PM EDT

Family Research Council has made available on its Web site a Vote Scorecard which shows how the 108th Congress voted on a cross-section pro-family issues in the second session of Congress.

The Scorecard is divided by a list of Senators and a list of House Representatives. Senators’ voting record on pro-family issues such as “Recognition of a Second Victim in a Violent Crime Against a Pregnant Woman—The Unborn Victims Violence Act,” “Confirmation Vote for Pro-Life Judge,” and “Support of Amendment Defining Marriage—Federal Marriage Amendment.”

Similar issues were addressed under the section displaying how Representatives voted in addition to others, including “Protection of Freedom of Conscience for Faith-Based Organizations,” “Permanent Removal of the Marriage Tax Penalty,” “Rejection of Legalized Prostitution,” “Protection of ‘Under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance,” and “Support of an Amendment Defining Marriage—Marriage Protection Amendment.”

Congressmen received a plus-sign next to their name if their vote was in accordance with a FRC position and minus sign if they voted against a pro-family legislation. A strip of color highlighted the names of Congressmen who voted pro-family on all the listed issues on the scorecard.

The Vote Scorecard can be ordered from Family Research Council’s Web site,, or viewed online. FRC's Vote Scorecard for the first session of Congress is also available.

“The votes recorded here only mark the beginning of a legislative process that requires constant vigilance from you, informed and active constituents, to work with us in contacting your Members of Congress on pro-family issues,” said the letter accompanying the vote scorecard, signed by Tony Perkins, President of FRC, and Connie Mackey, V.P. for Government Affairs of FRC. “There is no greater asset in the battle to preserve the American family than an involved citizenry. Thank you for joining us in our defense of the family. We can't do it without you.”