Salvation Army Awards First Muslim with Top Honor

The Army presented a certificate and a medal to Muntajab Ibraheem for his leadership work in the Army’s Emergency Services team in Iraq.
( [email protected] ) Oct 08, 2004 08:06 PM EDT

The Salvation Army recently honored Muntajab Ibraheem for his leadership work in the Army’s Emergency Services team in Iraq, reported the International Headquarters.

Ibraheem is the first Muslim to receive a Salvation Army honor. At a special ceremony at Salvation Army’s International Headquarters, he received a certificate from the Order of Distinguished Auxiliary Service, signifying his admittance into the Order, which recognizes a distinguished service rendered by non-Salvationist. He was also awarded a medal from General John Larsson.

At the ceremony, Major Cedric Hills, International Emergency Services Coordinator, read from a citation about Ibraheem’s work as a translator in the Army’s International Emergency Services operation in Al Amarah, sourthern Iraq.

“It was very quickly discovered that Mr Muntajab was far more than a translator,” read Hills. “Muntajab assisted The Salvation Army to develop an extensive community programme, establishing excellent relationships with community leaders.”

Currently serving as the senior staff supervisor, Ibraheem did more than provide leadership to the operation’s team of 20, said Hills.

“Under his leadership The Salvation Army has constructed more than 400 homes, 30 schools, 20 vocational training centres and five clinics. Water pumping stations have been refurbished so that thousands of families now have access to clean water. Sewerage, drainage systems and street lighting have been installed throughout large areas of the town – greatly improving the quality of life for hundreds of families,” he said.

During his turn to speak, Ibraheem thanked the Salvation Army for giving “the Iraqi people the hope, peace and love they have missed for 35 years.”

“The people of Iraq love The Salvation Army, because they have brought a message of love from God,” he declared.

Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Israel L. Gaither, concluded the ceremony by praying for God’s blessing.