United We Stand Rally Strives to Keep Same-sex Marriage Concern Alive

( [email protected] ) Oct 19, 2004 05:43 PM EDT

Once we accept same sex marriage into law, it’ll affect all of us, said Kathy Valente, Illinois State Director for Concerned Women for America.

Valente says that she plans to join the last two days of the United We Stand statewide bus tour, a pro-traditional marriage rally organized by a coalition of pro-family groups in Illinois.

Over a hundred traditional marriage supporters showed up Saturday for the rally’s kick-off event in Chicago. A group of 20 protesters also attended to show their disapproval of the rally.

“They shrieked, screamed, and chanted to try to drown out our message,” said Valente, “but God’s message can’t be drowned out.”

While secular news media reported protesters calling the rally participants and speakers hateful, Valente said the opposite was true.

“They are painting a wrong picture. We are not bigoted and hateful,” she said. “We have a message of hope and change to homosexuals. We have a message to reach Christians and non-Christians.”

Sponsors of the rally, which include Concerned Women for America Illinois and Illinois Family Institute, are pushing for an amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Earlier this year, pro-family efforts to place an amendment defining marriage on the state ballot were stopped in the House. The Rules Committee never assigned a committee to hear the proposal.

Nonetheless, Valente said the groups are hoping setting their sights on the Nov. 2006 ballot.

Meanwhile, through the rallies, “we’re trying to keep this issue alive in the minds of voters and lawmakers,” said Valente.

She said threats of legalized same-sex marriage included the paving of the way for other types of acceptable unions. In Scandinavia, a country with legalized homosexual marriage, most children are born out of wedlock, said Valente.

“What’s going to happen to society when families fall apart?”

Valente said Christians are responsible for letting the situation get this far. “If our land needs healing, it is because we have not come to the forefront and repent from our wicked ways,” she said, citing Chronicles 7:14.

She said she hopes the rallies will help Christians get out of their “comfort zone.”

“We have our future at stake here, our children’s and grandchildren’s.”