Islamists burned to death Christians in Sudan

Jun 10, 2003 12:10 PM EDT

Islamist military forces of Sudan's militant Islamist rigime burned to death a Christian pastor and his family when a massacre of 59 unarmed villegers happened as Sudan was removed from the terror list, reported WorldNetDaily on 4.

Jacob Gadet Manyiel, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Sudan and his family in cluding his wife and 4 children were burned to death.

A relief group, Servant's Heart explained that the massacre made 59 villegers killed, 15 villegers wounded and 6 women and 10 children abducted. "It was led by government of Sudan 2nd Lt. Mohammed Idris," said Servant's Heart.

Ironically while Secretary of State Colin Powell met Sudanese Foreign Minister Mustafa Osman Ismail discussing Sudan's removal from the US list of terrorim, the massacre took place in 10 villages.

National Islamic Front regime in the north of Sudan has declared a jihad on the south area, mostly Christian and animist in 1989. From this war between the north and the south, about 2 million have died and 5 million have become refugees.

Dennis Bennett, the executive director of Servant's Heart said, "There was an attack on village in North East Upper Nile province by Khartoum forces last year but the State Department didn't make a complete investigate that Khartoum believed they could kill unarmed villegers with impunity.

For the massacre happened at the end of May, Bennett called on George W. Bush and the State Department to be at the head of resolving this situation, making the kidnapped women and children to be safely returned.

"Americans must not deny this tragedy happening in Sudan and must contact the US government and the president for returning all abductees and arresting the militants are important," he said.

About 10,000 Sudanese are abducted into slavery by Khartoum, a noted research institute has a name list of the abductees which can be the evidence of the massacre in Sudan.

By Young Sun Lee
[email protected]