Internet Radio Broadcasting Connecting Christians and Muslims

( [email protected] ) Mar 27, 2004 12:42 PM EST

The mission of reconciliation between Christians and Muslims is streaming through Internet Radio now. Radio pioneer John Marion is bringing the radio programming to Muslims in America through the Internet.

The programming is in English targeting Muslim youths in America. It is intended to become a medium for Christians to communicate with Muslims.

"We are planning a live call in (or e-mail) talk show several hours a day,” Marion said, “We hope the content will be relevant to Muslims and Christians and ultimately be a means of creating good conversations between Muslims and Christians throughout North America.”

Marion explained that the live call in shows will also included interviews and messages. Also included in the programming will be a 2-hour daily World Christian Music segment. Programming will include Christian music from all around the world.

People are encouraged to support the project and bringing in ideas, donations, and spreading the news about this station. You station just started and people can view the programming at:

Future plans beyond Internet radio are big. "We are working on the possibility of getting on satellite radio which will reach the entire United States and most of Canada,” Marion said.