Cyber-Prayer a new Front in the Spiritual War

( [email protected] ) Aug 12, 2004 10:28 PM EDT

The internet has long been governed by loose regulations with an emphasis on free speech – a place where ideas and information can be freely published, all the more so because of the decentralized nature of the international Internet. Because the Internet is a reflection of societies and cultures worldwide, it has been used for purposes both good and bad. So often, the Internet is used as a tool of Satan bringing great pains to God. But now, more and more groups are emerging and using the Internet directly to do the will of God – including the use of the Internet as a medium for prayers.

Traditional prayer groups are formed with a relatively small number of people, typically with those from the same fellowship or congregation. But with the advent of the Internet, hundreds if not thousands of people can come together in one place – via forums, mailing lists, or chat rooms – and pray with united strength for single topics. Bill Allison is the leader of one such online prayer group, and he provides the following testimony of the works that the Lord has done through his group:

“I have seen more people come to Christ this year in my ministry than ever before.”

“I have seen hard hearts in some students that I was speaking to break into a thousand pieces right before my eyes.”

“I have seen 70-year-old people, who have never read the Bible, respond to the challenge to read the Bible on a daily basis.”

A term used commonly to describe people of passionate prayer is ‘prayer warriors.’ This term is often applied online as well, referring to those people who pray the most often and most longing before God. According to Bill, the best people of prayer are the ones who pray right away. These are the ones who give prayer as soon as the prayer request is seen, offering a prayer to the Lord, and then returning a response to the sender with a note saying that they have prayed. Bill continues, “Believe me, there is nothing like getting 20-50 short responses back saying something simple but powerful like, ‘Prayed for your ministry this weekend.’”

Another website that has harnessed the power of the Internet for the sake of doing the Lord’s work is The site is designed around the prayer forums, and at any given time, hundreds of people are sharing prayer topics and grace. When one person posts a prayer in the forum, there are often many responses that quickly follow. Through the member’s testimonies on this site, it can be felt that cyber-prayers do reach the heart of God.

When Christians are able to use the Internet for great deeds, they are fighting the spiritual fight against Satan. Rather than allowing the Internet to be used for evil, they are taking it and turning it into a forum by which multitudes of people can offer supplications before the Lord. God promises that whenever 2 or 3 gather in his name, he will be with them. Once the entire Christian body is able to unite as one, how much more powerfully will the Lord receive those prayers? As long as the Internet continues to be used for the glory of God, we will see more and more Christians coming online to strengthen each other in fellowship and in prayer.