World Vision Bangladesh Partners with Government to Deliver Aid

( [email protected] ) Aug 03, 2007 02:52 PM EDT

In the past few days, the Bangladesh Government and World Vision Bangladesh have partnered to ensure much needed relief items are delivered to communities severely affected by recent flooding.

The distributions took place in the World Vision Kalmakanda Area Development Program (ADP) in the northern Netrokona district, 159 kilometres north of Dhaka.

Essential relief materials were distributed to a total of 200 families taking shelter in one of the 22 community centres in Kalmakanda sub-district. Each family received two relief packages from the Kalmakanda ADP providing both food and non-food packages, including two kilos of lentils, one litre of vegetable oil, one kilo of salt, three packs of ORS to combine with the government's package, which contained 10 kilos rice, candles, matches and soap.

Army Chief Moeen U Ahmed took part in the relief distribution along with Diraj Malakar, Secretary of the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management. Also present was Ayatullah Mazumder, Deputy Commissioner of Netrokona District and World Vision officials from the Japanese-funded Kalmakanda ADP.

The Kalmakanda ADP Manager assured that the ADP would continue operating the distribution programme to benefit more than 1,100 flood-affected families in the programme area.

"Four assessment teams of World Vision Disaster Response Teams have visited the affected areas to conduct key assessments, which will inform the relief operation proposal currently being prepared," said Manager Sangma.

He continued, "The Army Chief Ahmed appreciated World Vision's and other NGOs swift flood disaster response."

World Vision Germany-funded Faridpur ADP also plans to distribute relief materials to the many flood victims who have taken shelter in local educational institutions, homes of relatives and on the embankment of the Padma River. With the cooperation of the local government, Faridpur ADP manager Theotonius Gomes will begin relief distributions to 1,500 families including World Vision-sponsored children.

The Crisis Management Team headed by Theophil Hajong, Director of Operations and Officer In-Charge, warned that a further six World Vision Development Programmes, including the areas of Tarash, Sariakandi, Nowabganj, Dhobaura, Sherpur, Narayanganj, were most likely to suffer from the floods, and that relief operations should commence as and when required.

The disaster has left 44 out of a total 64 districts in Bangladesh faced with severe flooding, and the situation is likely to worsen as heavy rainfall is expected in the coming days.