Russian Mission Celebrates its 11 Years of Ministry

( [email protected] ) Jun 28, 2003 04:08 PM EDT

Russian evengelical and church-planting mission celebrated its 11th year on June 10 with 3500 Christians gathered, ChristianAid reported on 25.

The mission started in 1992 with the people from 150 branch churches the ministry had planted in the Udmurtia Republic. Also the graduation ceremony for 37 students of its Bible School was held at the same time. The students learned and trained in church planting and evangelism. Also they are preparing for a mission in Russia.

In the earlier June, its first children's summer camp was opened with 40 children, including ten street children. The camp participants said their goal is to get 100 homeless children to experience the gospel and the love of God.

This kind of mission was started in 1992 by a passionate Ukrainian Bible school graduate. He decided to pioneer the Russian Republic of Udmurtia with the gospel.

"At first, I only found four evangelical believers. But now 150 churches are set up. The main church has 2000 members. 5000 people gather on Sundays.

Also there were hardships in this mission. In July 2001 the leader of the ministry's drug rehabilitation center was kidnapped by two gunman.

Christian Aid sent assistance for the ministry and now the program is carrying on its duty.