YWAMers Join Global Initiative to Bring One Billion to Christ

( [email protected] ) Aug 28, 2007 02:36 PM EDT

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) leaders currently meeting on Je-ju island in South Korea have thrown their support behind a global effort to bring one billion people to Christ in the next 25 years.

Call2All – an initiative of the Global Pastor’s Network set up by the late Campus Crusade for Christ founder Bill Bright – will pull together the evangelistic efforts of 200 Christian organizations.

Based on the Great Commission given by Jesus, as recorded in Matthew 28:18–20, the global effort will kick off in January 2008 with regional “strategy congresses” to be held in conjunction with other major mission events.

YWAM’s Global Leadership Team (GLT) is holding its annual meeting in Je-ju until Aug. 28 to lay down the vision for its mission work over the next few years.

“The opportunity to take part in a massive evangelism endeavor had GLT members on the edge of their seats,” YWAM reported. “GLT members recognized both the honor being accorded YWAM as well as the sublime task that lies ahead.”

YWAM workers will co-host eight regional strategy conferences to take place around the world over the next two years, as well as 30 more throughout 2010.

The 51 GLT members to endorse YWAM’s engagement in Call2All affirmed, “We commit by the grace of God to serve the Call2All movement without profile or recognition. We acknowledge our inability, but by faith we will accomplish all that God has for us.”

GLT member Kevin Sutter commented: “I have absolutely no question in my heart that God has been preparing us for this.”

On the Web: More on Call2All at www.call2all.org