April 13 in Christian History

Apr 13, 2009 10:52 AM EDT

1059 - Pope Nicholas II decreed that future popes could be elected by cardinals only.

1598 - The Edict of Nantes was promulgated by France's King Henry IV (of Navarre), granting his Huguenot (Protestant) subjects a large measure of religious freedom. (The Edict remained in effect for 87 years.)

1853 - Loyola College in Baltimore was chartered under Roman Catholic auspices.

1939 - Delegates from independent Baptist churches in Shafter, Oildale, Lamont and Taft organized the first association of Southern Baptists in California.

1948 - At the Antioch Baptist Church of Portland, representatives of 15 local congregations organized the Baptist General Convention of Oregon-Washington, the first organization of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.

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