The Consequences of Anger

( [email protected] ) Oct 19, 2009 04:44 AM EDT

Proverbs 19:19

Anger is a common emotion that arises when one encounters a threat, insult, injustice, or frustration. God Himself feels anger, and He has given us this same ability. However, because of our fallen nature, we often respond in a sinful manner when this intense feeling overwhelms us.

One prevalent sinful response is to hold onto anger until it becomes part of our character. It takes up residence in the innermost being and starts to twist thinking and agitate emotions. Peace and joy are noticeably absent because they cannot coexist with the anxiety and frustration that accompany bitterness.

After poisoning the character, an angry spirit spills over into other relationships. Hurtful words are thrown like flaming arrows, even at those who aren’t the cause of the rage. Shields of self-protection are raised in an effort to avoid any future hurts. Unfortunately, the result of these behaviors is stressed relationships and isolation.

While anger can damage character and connections with others, its most tragic consequence is broken fellowship with God. Wrath not only hinders His work in and through believers; it also grieves the Father’s heart. He desires to shower His children with blessings, but fists full of anger cannot receive His riches of character and calling.

Are you harboring anger? It could be so deeply buried within your soul that you are unaware of its presence. But sustained, unresolved bitterness will affect every area of your life. Ask God to reveal any hidden resentment. Release it, and take hold of the riches of Christ.

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