Why Is It Important to Be Faithful?

Sep 10, 2010 09:28 AM EDT

A faithful man will be richly blessed . . . Proverbs 28:20

When you know you should do something, but you don't feel like doing it, what do you say to yourself? "I'm too-o-o tired!" or "I want to do something else" or "This is the right thing to do, and God will help me do it!"

When you tell yourself something like that last thought, you are learning to be faithful. Faithfulness means staying true to God in your thoughts, words and actions. What does Proverbs 28:20 say? Being faithful to God brings His blessing–joy–to your life!

When you say you are a Christian, but you are not faithful, people don't trust you. They don't want to be like you. They don't want to hear the important things you should be telling them about God.

When you are faithful, people can see God has made a difference in your life. You use your money wisely. You use your time to help other people. You study the Bible and go to church. You use your talents (the things you do well) to serve God.

There is great joy in choosing to obey God. When you trust God to help you be faithful, you will be blessed richly. God says so!

[Source: www.wonderzone.com]

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