OMF International Persists in Prayer Call for 900 New Workers

( [email protected] ) Dec 21, 2010 03:50 PM EST

Since 2006, 449 new workers have joined OMF International, but 451 more new workers are needed to fulfill their prayer to recruit 900 new workers within five years to reach the gospel neglected frontiers among two billion people in East Asia.

In 2006, the leaders of OMF International, formerly known as China Inland Mission, did a survey about the needs of East Asia and asked the question: “What is it that the Lord needs us to do?”, and they received the challenge from God to pray for 900 new workers – 700 frontline workers and 200 support workers.

In a video on OMF’s website, Patrick Fung, general director of OMF International, explained that this work is not about OMF, but about the gospel reaching the neglected. Also, as it is getting to the end of the call to pray for 900 new workers over the next five years, he urged for the continued prayer and trust in God.

“The challenge is not a challenge for greater passion, but a challenge for deeper faith. I trust God will do and is able to do immeasurably far more than what we can ask or imagine. We are here to trust God. We need to continue to pray and be faithful,” he said.

According to OMF, the five main areas of needs are Muslim ministry, Buddhist-influenced peoples, China, East Asia’s diaspora people, and indigenous missionary movements.

The areas where the remaining 451 new workers are needed are Mekong, Cambodia, Diaspora, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Seaway, new ventures, Chinese ministries, Mongolia, Japan, and Philippines.

“We need people who are willing to go out and share their faith. That is the first and foremost,” said Becky Leighton, Thailand Field Director.

Fung asked the listeners think about the many people groups in China today, Kazakh, Tibetans, etc., the nearly 100 people groups among the Mekong River, the marginalized people in many of the mega-cities in East Asia today, the handicapped, taxi drivers, factory workers.

“These are the people who need the Lord. These are the people who need the good news of Jesus Christ,” Fung explained. “We are praying for men and women called by God, consecrated to him, willing to take risk, to go to the neglected frontiers, gospel frontiers, not physical frontiers, neglected people, not remote places.”

Moreover, the needs for support workers are in great demand now, since there is an increase in the support work as the field continues to grow.

Ian Prescott, International Director for Evangelization of OMF International, said, “Every time just one person joins us, they change us, so having 449 new people join us, that’s changed us a lot.”

Fung recalled that in 1929 when D.E. Hoste, the General Director of China Inland Mission, called for 200 new workers for the neglected frontiers in China in those days, and within three years 207 new workers joined CIM.

“In the same way today, we ask that you can join us together in prayer to pray for the 900 new workers,” he urged.

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