Still Looking? ...easy lessons hard to obey...or?

( [email protected] ) Sep 20, 2011 07:08 AM EDT

The Lord Jesus knows the deepest longings of your heart. It may be possible that you'll find yourself looking around, looking up, looking in and looking down, wondering how on earth you'll get out of the turmoil, perhaps seemingly endless emptiness, inescapable tiredness or even the shallowness of pretense with all that grips the insides of your being. You'd do anything to shake yourself loose of its grip!

There is an answer.

Christ is waiting for you!

Jesus says, "Come to Me, all you who are heavily loaded and I will rest you". "Take My yoke on you and learn of Me because My yoke is "easy" and My burden is "light"!" This what He told His people throughout the centuries, both when they were "on course" and when they were "off course"!

Sometimes we are so "right on with the Lord" yet so close to slipping and falling! This is one more of those "simple or easy lessons" that most find "hard to obey" ...maybe impossible?

What an apparent contradiction ...isn't it?

- However, God specializes in the impossible!

Don't quit! He's seriously "for you"! True.


Maybe you think you've heard it all before, with answers "too simple to be true" ... and ... "too spiritual to be practical". Never mind. This is the Truth! Consider Christ ...believe in Him! The Lord Jesus really does know and feel all the burdens within you when you begin to look at everything ...everyone around you, instead of to Him.

That's right, it's always someone else's fault.

It's the place you live. It's the job you have.

It's what you have or what you want to have or ...don't want to have!

It's the measure of health or the disease that cripples from longings or liberties everyone else seems to enjoy!

But Jesus waits for you personally.

- He never forces nor shoves on you his salvation. Step by step, take from Him what He's offering.

It's free ...but not cheap.

It's His ...yet all for you.

He'll be to you "calm in your turmoil", "clarity in your confusion"; "light in your darkness" and even relief from distress into which you may have landed.

Will you believe in Him and receive what He waits to give?

If you race, chase and pursue every "road" except the Way, you'll never find the Way! The Way is a Person: our Lord Jesus Christ! That's easy to say but He will make an eternal difference if you'll believe!

Here are some words of honesty, reality and almost despair... but for which there was found a remedy from God Himself!

Listen to this ...good news in hard times... the testimony of a man who almost slipped and fell (Psalm 73).

First, vs. 1 - 2 he's Looking back. After the crisis time had passed, he breathes a big sigh of relief in how God had kept him from slipping and steadied him when stumbling! The reason he came to this conclusion was because he knew that God Himself had done it ...simply no other explanation!

Second, vs. 3-12 he's Looking around: frantically in fact, sometimes gazing in wonder and then quiet jealousy, thinking that others around him really seem to have some measure of security in material things. This very quickly leaves him with blurred vision and even further confusion!

Third, vs.13-16 he's Looking in: There's only one way out! He's yet to find the answer. It sounds like he's finally fed up and pretty distressed; ready to quit! Everything about his life is getting to look meaningless! It's all impossible! Perhaps it's someone else's idealistic dream!

This may be to some of you reading ... very "close to home". Does it sound at all familiar?

More of God's people go through this than you might imagine! - In vs.15 and 16, tension and anxiety begin to build even more. His insides are tied in knots ...but there is relief and it's found in looking up! In vs.17-20 we notice there's sudden focus. What vision was blurred now clears. Anxiety is quelled and Life is back in perspective! How quickly it all changed!

Fourthly in vs.21-24 he's Looking clearly and a new start to everything, with inner satisfaction ...not sourced in mere words! At last, a peace which weathers any storm... available to anyone at any time who will believe in Christ. It's what God has promised all along.

However, it's only a reality in experience when we keep our focus on Him rather than within us; around on others; on material things or even the highest ideals which all can even seem so "spiritual". This could be a craving sourced in our own dissatisfaction.

Fifth and finally, he's back in the race but with a new kind of stamina!

He's Looking outward now!

- in other words he shouts out "I now have a message of God's faithfulness of which I'd like to tell the whole world!" That's the message he now not only understands in his mind but can live out through his life... regardless of his occupation; his situation or his location!


Remember though, the Deceiver will do his utmost to keep you frustrated: keeping you looking anywhere, as long as it's not to Christ Himself and in His Word!

Keep your eyes set on Jesus our Saviour, Lord and Life...

the Author and Perfecter of our faith!