Prayer Urged for British Columbia Municipal and Ontario Provincial Elections 2011

( [email protected] ) Oct 06, 2011 10:00 AM EDT

In the wake of recent municipal British Columbia election and the Ontario Provincial election in 2011, Canadian Prayer Network urges Canadian Christians to pray that godly people will be elected to hold public offices that will help lead this nation back to God.

The October issue of the prayer letter writes the following:

The Lord of hosts rules over history and kingdoms of all mankind. He removes kings and set up kings. Besides, a king’s heart in His hand is like streams of water which he directs wherever He chooses. Therefore, He commands His own to pray for those in authority so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. (Daniel 2:21, Proverbs 21:1, 1 Timothy 2:2)

1. Pray for the Oct 6 Ontario Provincial Election

There is an election with significance. The race between the Liberal Party and Progress Conservative Party is tight. Pray for divine intervention.

2. Pray for the November 19 Municipal Elections in British Columbia

British Columbians want to see changes in city politics. Pray that God will raise up individuals of integrity, responsibility, efficiency and insight who will not submit to pressure of special interest groups to the city councils and school boards. Students need protection from harmful mind-polluting materials, the problems of homelessness and poverty need to be addressed in a sensible and effective way, crimes and drugs issues have to be dealt with properly, and the taxpayers money must be used in an accountable and effective manner. This is not like any ordinary municipal elections. Concerned citizens have stepped up to run in different municipalities, especially for school boards, to be gatekeepers so that school children can have a safe and non-polluted environment to learn. Many of these candidates come from different churches. Please pray for them that they will be principled, bold and wise. Pray that they will gain favor in the sight of the Lord and man that they will have enough votes to be elected.

3. Pray for the Federal Government regarding the Insite Ruling

The Supreme Court of Canada handed down a ruling on September 30 ordering the federal government not to interfere with the Vancouver Drug Injection Site or it would deprive the addicts of their “life and security of person” under Section 7 of the Charter. In the House of Commons, NDP MP Libby Davis claimed that since Insite was established, it has reduced overdose death by one third, but this summer, people have seen a warning sign posted in an office of a government ministry warning addicts, “Heroin overdoses are way up this year. Never shoot up alone. Over twice as many users have died from overdose so far this year.” Please pray for the Minister of Health Leona Aqlukkaq for wisdom, courage and a good conscience. In response to Libby, she said treatment and helping people off drugs is the best investment and she wants to review the ruling from Supreme Court of Canada.

Feds vow to review court's safe-injection site ruling

4. Pray for the Court Case of Freedom of Religion

In 2001 and 2002, Mr. Whatcott of Saskatoon distributed flyers with Bible reference criticizing homosexuality. Evangelical Fellowship of Canada reported on their website, “The flyers offended some individuals who filed complaints with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. At the tribunal, the flyers were found to contravene the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code and to promote hatred. The present case is a result of multiple appeals of that decision, most recently before the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal that found the flyers to be acceptable free expression. It is that decision that has been appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.” “If the Supreme Court of Canada rules that one cannot act in a non-harmful way in public dialogue, inspired by one’s religious beliefs, then one does not have religious freedom but only freedom to believe – and what kind of right is that?,” states Faye Sonier, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) Legal Counsel. “The courts have made it clear that religious freedom includes the right to speak about our beliefs, to share our beliefs and to practice our beliefs. This therefore includes the right to speak freely about them.” EFC will present arguments on October 12. Please pray for the legal counsel for wisdom. Also pray for the judges for a just ruling so that freedom of religion be upheld in Canada.

5. Pray for the Appointment of Judges in Supreme Court of Canada

Canadian will expect to see many changes in the seats of Supreme Court of Canada by the end of this year. Please pray that the Prime Minister will appoint judges who are capable and just. For details, read