Christian Business Management Expert: China's Industrial Path is Up Above

May 25, 2012 01:11 PM EDT

Nowadays, the enterprise path in China seems uncertain, where many businessmen are "on foot" or re-engaging in financial investments. No one dare to ask what will the future of enterprise industry be like.

Recently, Beijing Galilee Consulting firm founder Dr. Luke Wang brought his newly published book to Beijing Feng Tai Church businessmen’s fellowship to share how to use the Bible to manage enterprises and to suggest that Chinese enterprises should be firm in the industries and not seek after financial investments.

Wang discovered that because currently the costs of every field in the enterprise are rising, such as labor costs, resource costs, material cost, exports are doing poorly, even local market are in the downturn, and the outside is the European debt crisis, many businessmen really cannot see the future of industrial enterprises, and would give up industrial businesses and end up engaging in financial investments.

In response to this phenomenon, Wang said that God is the King among businesses. Christian businessmen need to realize that China’s industries are in the hands of God, where there is hope. By managing according to the biblical principles, there would be unpredictable results.

Wang’s new book “Five Reengineering of Enterprises” is based on the wisdom and management principles from the Bible, explaining how to manage the enterprise. He emphasized that managing enterprises with God’s word is the wisest, which not only is workable, but the outcome can produce excellent results, because none of God’s words is powerless, and many others before have produced very beautiful testimonies.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” Quoting the scripture, Wang explained that God is managing the businesses. Without God’s management, then no matter how hard we work, it is useless. If we do not follow Bible’s wisdom in managing businesses, then there will not be a firm and lasting security, nor will the business lasts for a long time.

Wang recommended that Christian businessmen should engage in enterprise industries, should learn servant leadership, and transform the corporate culture, the soul of the enterprise and the value of the enterprise. Businessmen must reveal leadership in the form of a servant.

Wang pointed out that the corporate culture in China is failing in “equality.” Christian businessmen needs to work hard in this matter, set up a fair corporate culture, treat the employees equally, share the wealth generated generously with the employees, and also make contributions to the society.

Wang said confidently that it is very good to engage in enterprises. In China, industrial enterprises have developed greatly and are filled with much potential in generating abundant wealth that would bless the society, so never give up on engaging in enterprises for financial investments.

Through possessing the Bible’s truth in managing businesses and the heavenly wisdom, God’s blessings will definitely come to China’s enterprise industries and China’s businesses will most definitely become better and better.

[Editor's note: Richardson Lau translated the article.]