Dramatic Healings in India

INDIA (INS)— People are being healed miraculously and one woman was even raised from the dead in India, as God’s power works through indigenous missionaries connected with Intercede International.
This young man was healed from dumbness and deafness at an India Christian Ministries meeting in Faythabad, India. Intercede International

INDIA (INS)— People are being healed miraculously and one woman was even raised from the dead in India, as God’s power works through indigenous missionaries connected with Intercede International.

Missionaries with India Christian Ministries (an Intercede partner ministry) have dramatic stories to tell of people being healed and receiving salvation.

Easwari, 38, is a resident of Pollachi, Coimbatore. She comes from a Hindu family and was troubled by a tumour in her stomach for past five years, reports ICM. As a result, she used to experience a lot of pain while passing urine. On July 11, 2006, her condition became critical and she was admitted immediately into the Government Hospital at Coimbatore.

A surgery was done and the tumour was removed from her stomach. But there was no improvement and she passed away the same night. The doctors declared her dead and she was brought to her house for the funeral ceremony. Pastor G. Rajan, the pastor of the Pollachi Church, came to know about this sad incident and visited her house along with four believers from his church. The pastor went inside the house where the body was lying down and prayed for her.

Then the pastor asked for milk and poured some milk in her mouth. The pastor and the believers came outside after the conclusion of the prayers.

In a few minutes, one of the relatives of that woman rushed outside and informed the pastor about the movements in the body of the dead woman. On hearing this, the pastor and the believers rushed inside. As the pastor entered the room, she opened her eyes and called the name of her youngest son Sam. On seeing this great miracle, the woman was rushed again to the Government Hospital at Coimbatore.

Doctors Astounded

The doctors were astounded on seeing her alive. Then the doctor examined her completely and she was kept under observation for 10 days. Finally, the doctors discharged her and confirmed that she had no signs of a tumour or any other problems in her body. After coming back to her home, she and her family went to the church and thanked the Lord Jesus for this miracle. Then she met with the pastor and her entire family was baptized and now they attend the church regularly. Praise the Lord for this great miracle!

ICM’s film ministry travels through India showing Christian films and praying for those who need it. A few years ago, Samboornam, a house maid with five children, asked the team for prayer. For two years, she had been suffering from asthma. As a result she experienced a piercing pain in her chest while breathing. Even medicines did not work and the doctors gave her no hope. Her family was reduced to utter poverty as they had put in every single penny for her medication, but everything went down the drain. They were in tears and in despair waiting for a ray of hope to shine into their lives.

It was at this moment that the Film Team arrived at her village and showed a film. After the film, they prayed faithfully for the sick people. At that moment she was touched by God and was healed miraculously. Immediately, she and others accepted Christ as their Saviour.

Rajan, 34, is a resident of Lakshamveedu Village in Kerala. He was addicted to alcohol for 10 years. He had also been admitted in the hospital on a number of occasions. But he could not be relieved from the addiction.

The Film Team went to his place and after showing a film, they prayed for him. The Lord did a miracle and in a few days, he gave up alcohol and was completely set free. He and his family are very happy for this miracle.

Samsundar, a young agricultural labourer in Thirukattupalli, was born deaf and mute. On seeing his pathetic condition, his parents took him to a doctor for medical treatment—but nothing worked. A few years ago, the Film Team arrived at his village and showed the Jesus film. After seeing the film, his parents had faith that Jesus could heal their son. The pastors prayed for the sick people and while they were praying, Samsundar felt the power of the Holy Spirit all over his body. God touched him and he was completely healed. Now God has given him strength to speak as well as to hear. After this miracle, both Samsundar and his father have accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and they both have been baptized.

Today, ICM has more than 290 missionaries, both men and women, scattered throughout the nine districts of the Tamil-speaking area of southern India. The work has spread to North India as well, and now includes a total of

338 churches, with more than 27,000 members. Many of the churches have been planted in areas where there has never been a witness to the Gospel.

A mighty anointing

In November 2009, Ruth Sodemba, leader of Intercede partner ministry Himalaya Crusade, went to speak at a ministry convention in Nepal. “As soon as we reached this place, I was given to speak to the gathering for one session,” she reports. “I took this opportunity to speak and stand with the Word of God. The mighty anointing of the Lord was heavy on me and I was led to pray for the sick people and needy persons who wanted prayers. As I started praying for the people with various sicknesses and problems the people started flocking in for prayers. Many of them were bound by the powers of darkness. The Lord led me to pray for special deliverance. Even small children and old people were under the bondage of darkness. The Lord led me to pray for them and rebuke every bondage. There was a young boy who was paralyzed on one leg who came for prayer, another man who could not move his hand, a woman with a stomach bloated like a stone, and a small girl who could not move her hand. As I started praying, the people kept on coming for deliverance prayer for two long hours.”

Afterward, she explains, “The people were waiting outside the tent to testify how they were feeling better and healed. Praise God!”

Based in northeast India, Himalaya Crusade plants churches across that region, as well as in parts of Nepal and Bhutan.

Rev. Jesuratnam Buraga, leader of Intercede-connected Siloam Evangelical Fellowship, shared the testimony this February of a life transformed by God’s power, through that ministry:

“K. Jyothi from Kadium: For some months I was suffering from an evil spirit, and became very weak and lost my health. Pastor Devanandam visited me and prayed for my health. Praise the Lord, He healed me wonderfully, and the pastor has comforted me a lot in Christ. That same day I received Christ into my heart, and decided to live for Him all the days of my life. Please pray for me.”

Over the past nearly 50 years, SEF has won thousands to Christ through literature distribution, evangelism, and practical demonstrations of Christ’s love.

Thank the Lord for the powerful ways He is at work with these indigenous ministries in India. Please remember them in your prayers.

(INS- Intercede International, Fort Erie, ON)