Judge Belvin Perry 'Shocked' Over Acquittal of Casey Anthony

( [email protected] ) May 06, 2013 01:51 PM EDT

Judge Belvin Perry said that justice will one day be served when Casey Anthony faces the ‘Judge of Judges,' referring to her acquittal of trial over the murder of her 2-year-old daughter.

Belvin, who presided over Anthony’s trial, told NBC’s “Today” show that the evidence was enough to convict the Florida mom on a first-degree murder charge.

When reading the jury’s verdict, Belvin said he felt “surprise, shock, disbelief” and had to read it twice, according to NBC.

“I just wanted to be sure I was reading what I was reading,” he said.

The judge said he saw two sides to Anthony. “The public persona that she wanted the jury to see and there was a side that she showed when the jury wasn’t there.”

Perry said Anthony behaved as an accused mother grieving for her child before the jurors, but was shouting and swearing at her attorneys, when they talked to her about a possible plea deal for aggravated murder.

The judge also commented on how Anthony’s lawyer Baez “came across as someone you would like” or “personable.”

“Like someone trying to sell a used car. Who are you going to buy from? The most likable salesman,” he said.

Perry said that “she is going to have to live with this and deal with this for the rest of her life.”

Moreover, referring to the judgment of God, Perry said, “Justice will finally be served one day by the Judge of Judges.”