Fire Claims a Christian Radio Station's Studios

Ministry continues, despite the obstacles of finance and winter
Oct 16, 2003 04:01 PM EDT

Mongolia -- It started with devastating news in January that fire claimed Far East Broadcasting's Mongolian radio station.

The slow-moving electrical blaze claimed the upper floors of the Ulaan-Baatar facilities of WIND-FM's building, and smoke and water damage made the rest of the building uninhabitable.

However, plans are moving forward in the station's rebuild. FEBC's Chris Slabaugh details their progress, nearly ten months later. "We're going to get the foundation and the footers in before the real winter (cold) sets in for the winter (season). Then, we're going to have to let it set until next spring to start the construction of the walls and that kind of stuff."

But, a spring construction was in keeping with original plans. Slabaugh says typical delays in a construction project were anticipated, adding that the fire was blessing in disguise. God opened doors for their ministry. "We were able to rent a building directly behind where our previous building was; it was a residence, a home. We rented it and converted it and so, we've never been off the air, ever. I think the longest we were off the air was, maybe, several hours. So, the ministry is continuing." Not only that, but the teams redesigned their new building to include a community worship area, among other things.