Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson on Raising Kids and Adopted Children

( [email protected] ) Sep 05, 2013 05:38 AM EDT


Willie Robertson Family Picture

“Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson has opened up about his faith, family, and child rearing on more than one occasion. He and his wife, Korie, have five kids after being married for twenty years; in addition to their three biological children, the couple adopted their youngest son and also became foster parents to a foreign exchange student from Thailand.

Willie Robertson is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Duck Commander, the Robertson family business. He also has a starring role on A&E’s reality television show “Duck Dynasty,” and tours the nation preaching forgiveness in Christ with his father Phil. Willie and Korie adopted their son Will as a baby, and also foster a Taiwanese girl named Rebecca. Willie told Sports Spectrum TV that adoption is the best thing that he has ever done. With such busy lives, it is amazing to see how committed the couple is to raising their children in the Lord.

In a recent Q-and-A on Twitter, Willie said that the most important lesson that he wants his kids to learn is to “be humble.” While his children have mostly minor roles on the A&E show “Duck Dynasty,” Willie wants to help them guard against pride. One way that he does this is by calling the family together for Bible study once a month to talk about how temptation will grow as the show becomes more popular and to hold one another accountable to walk with humility, Willie’s daughter Sadie said in an interview with TC Magazine.

Willie told “The Five” that he is careful about letting his children appear on “Duck Dynasty,” and that he is wary of the effect that fame might have on them. “They’re great kids, though … Korie and I raised them right. They love the Lord and they’re doing fantastic,” he said. When asked why the reality television show has become so successful, Willie said he would attribute the show’s ratings to a combination of good family values, humor, and faith – “faith’s an important part of that, just the prayer at the end – something simple to us, but that really struck a nerve,” he said. The prayer over each episode’s family dinner is symbolic, says Willie, that the family is united no matter what happens during the show.