Wycliffe Associations Hosts 200 Banquets for Volunteers

( [email protected] ) Oct 26, 2003 10:57 PM EST

“We can use anyone but the bartender”

Wycliffe Associations, a subsidiary for Wycliffe Bible Translators, began their second round of banquets to recruit short-term workers, October 20. The banquets, held in over 200 cities across the States, will allow potential volunteers the chance to get involved with bible translations at the local level.

"Wycliffe Associates is an avenue for ordinary Christians to use their skills in ways that assist Bible translation,” said the President of Wycliffe Associations, Bruce Smith.

According to Smith, builders, accountants, auditors, computer specialists, auto mechanics, and other professionals are being used to assist Bible translators. There is always a place a volunteer from any occupational background, expressed Smith.

"We can use anyone but the bartender. When he comes to know the Lord, we’ll take a second look at him,” said Art Greenleaf, missionary to Ecuador.

"This past year we had close to 850 involved and we could really use double that number,” said Smith.

With the help of these short-term workers who tackle special building or other projects, the translators are able to focus on their work. "We're in the process of increasing Bible translation six fold," says Smith.

More than 20 group trips are planned for 2004, and Wycliffe Associates hopes that through the banquets, more can be added.

“We have about 4,000 families with Wycliffe Bible Translators that are serving around the world,” said Smith. Volunteers, therefore, are always welcomed.

Through the informative banquets, potential volunteers will learn more about the worldwide translation work, meet and hear from missionaries who serve in Bible translation, connect with others who share a passion for Bible translation and watch video presentations among other activities.

Keynote speakers to the events vary from region to region. The last banquet is schedueled for November 23, in Winchester, VA.