The Seed Company Begins Translation Workshops

( [email protected] ) Oct 27, 2003 02:06 PM EST

Congo—Kinshasa— The Seed Company, in partnership with the JESUS Film Project, moves forward with their support plan for the indigenous church in Congo. Evangelistic training workshops, scheduled to run from Nov 3 – 21, will focus on improving scripture translations.

"We're at the second workshop with this group that we'll be holding from November 3rd through the 21rst. So, we're beginning to set things up now. We're in the process of finishing up some translated material that will help them better their education and then help them translate the Scriptures more accurately,” said TSC’s Parke Brown.

The partnership is aimed at providing new translations for both the book of Luke and the JESUS Film. Teams are currently testing out scenes one by one by producing trial versions in the community.

"Our communication with them has been almost non-existent--it's just a very poor communication infrastructure there in DRC because of all the unrest that's gone on. So, we're really anxious to get back in there and meet with them again. I mean, these teams are in the beginning stages of the project, so it's very much a learning time for them."