Meadow Rain Walker Asks for Prayers on Twitter After Paul's Death, Facebook Account is Fake (Pictures)

( [email protected] ) Dec 01, 2013 01:06 PM EST

"Fast and Furious" star Paul Walker left behind a teenage daughter Meadow Rain Walker after losing his life in a tragic car crash yesterday.

Walker's sudden death devastates Meadow and she is mourning her father's death. This morning, Meadow Walker expressed her love towards her dad via social media account Twitter.

Here are some of her posts on Twitter Sunday morning:

"Thank you everyone for you're support.This is extremely devasting & only god knows what me & my family is going through, Thank you all again"

"Xoxox i will always love you daddy."

"My father wasnt just my father. he was my bestfriend, i was his princess. i am so heartbroken"

"Please continue to keep my family & i in your prayers"

"i love you dad , always & forever"

According to TMZ, Meadow Walker doesn't have a facebook account and Walker's reps had the fake page removed.

"We're told Paul's people instantly sprung into action when they discovered the BS page ... and contacted Facebook to have it removed ... which they did." TMZ reports.

(Photo :Meadow Walker Profile Picture )
(Photo : Paul Walker and Meadow Walker when she was a child.)

Meadow's mother is Paul's ex-girlfriend, Rebecca McBrain.

(Photo : Paul Walker and Rebecca McBrain.)

Paul and Rebecca reportedly split not long after their daughter's birth, back in 1999. Meadow reportedly moved from Hawaii to California to be closer to her father a couple of years ago.

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